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Identify stocks with 80%, 90% and even 100% track records of 20%+ gains in the next 8 weeks.

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With 83% accuracy using seasonality trends

Proprietary Stock Score ratings

Get clear Buy and Sell signals, removing the guesswork of timing trades.

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Stocks Entering Powerful Seasonal Trends





Which stocks are set to rise 13% in the next 7 weeks?


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Which Stocks Are Set To Rise 20% in 8 Weeks?

Netflix has a 13 week window that has seen gains each and every year it has traded. Averaging 27.7% gains over the 13 weeks!

Find Out The 5 Week Window That Has Led To 22% Pop

In a specific tech stock EVERY year since it went public

See Stocks Entering Powerful Seasonal Trends

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Ride the coattails of BIG money investors by potting early which stocks they are buying.


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Find out where billionaire investors are investing their money

See Which Stocks Big Money Investors Are Buying

See where successful investors are making their biggest bets

View Now What Stocks Insiders Are Dumping

Spot which stocks billionaires are buying and selling

Visual Graphs At Your Fingertips Of Billionaires Portfolios

View portfolios of Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, Steven Cohen, Eddie Lampert, Carl Icahn, John Paulson and many more.

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Master technical analysis, income trading, options trading and much more.





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Get Paid To Own Stocks. Insure Your Stocks During Downtrends. Master "The Vacation Trade"

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Get Paid During Bull Markets. Earn Income When Markets Fall. Profit During Rangebound Markets.

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Profit From Volatility. Get Paid During Turbulent Markets. Advanced Volatility Strategies.

100x return on Apple

Stock Score outperformed buy-and-hold investors by as much as 10X in AAPL.


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Seasonality Screener

Want to know which stocks have risen 25% in the next 13 weeks with 91% accuracy? Now you can.

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"One-Click" Investment Ideas

Upgrade your portfolio instantly with a single click using our proprietary one-click technology.

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Stock Score Screener

With just 2 clicks, see the top rated stocks in the market today.

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Seasonality Newsletter

Get alerted to specific stocks with strong seasonal track records of soaring and crashing right now.

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The "Buffett" Stock List

Our Value Investor list of stocks features companies that even the Oracle of Omaha might approve of.

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Market Review Newsletter

Get key stock market performance indicators delivered to your inbox.

It Really Is This Easy…

SIMPLE TO USE: Want to see stocks set to gain 20% or more over the next 8 weeks with 90% accuracy? Just click-and-drag the sliders to the settings below and Financhill generates a list of stocks that match.

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Time in weeks filter
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Seasonality has added a whole new spectrum to my trading

– so much so that I have added it to my evaluation rules before purchasing an option. I have Zacks Research Wizard and Finviz, but Financhill is much easier to use for the breadth of information you provide.

Eddie R.

Eddie R.

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I was skeptical at first and only signed up for 1 year

But as we all know, 'TIMING IS EVERYTHING' in life and investing. And Financhill definitely helps us to be in the right trades at the right times!

Doug F.

Doug F.

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The last three months have certainly been an interesting time

I saw things play out in the markets that might otherwise take me a lifetime to see. It was fun to see the markets throw you a curve ball every week and to see you hit it out of the park with a new strategy.

James B.

James B.

Featured in:

The Wall Street Journal
Chicago Tribune

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Find Stocks Set To Pop or Drop

Next, navigate to the Seasonality Screener, where you can find stocks set to pop and drop in the next few weeks. For example, with just a few clicks, you can see which stocks have a historical record of rising 11% in the next 5 weeks with 87% accuracy.

Got Questions? Let Us Know

Financhill is an investing tool suite with much more to offer than we can share in 60 seconds. So play around with it. Find Buy and Sell signals with our proprietary stock ratings engine, Stock Score. And so much more. If you have an questions, email us at where we'll be delighted to help you use our tools to get the edge you need.

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